Governor of Moldova's Central Bank participated in conference held for members of IMF

Governor of Moldova's Central Bank, Sergiu Cioclea, has participated at the end of last week, in a conference hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank, for members of IMF.

The reunion concentrated on communication and transparency policies. Sergiu Cioclea presented National Bank of Moldova's experience in communication policy and actions taken to ensure transparency to manage the consequences of the bank fraud scandal, as well as the first registered results, namely: improvement in the legal framework, consolidation of banks governing, recent appearance of foreign investors in the local markets etc.

At the conference, Governor of Moldova's Central Bank informed executive Director at International Monetary Fund, Anthony de Lannoy and Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department at International Monetary Fund, Ratna Sahay, about the progresses in implementing the IMF program and measures taken to prepare for the next IMF evaluation, foreseen in the second half of March 2018.

At the event participated governors of Central Banks from Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Georgia, Israel, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands and Ukraine, along with representatives from IMF and European Central Bank.

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