Government will offer 6 mln lei to reduce impacts of natural disasters

The Government will allocate 6 million lei to reduce the impacts of natural disasters. The money will be spend to repair a kindergarten from Ungheni district, a school from Drochia, as well as cultural monuments from the Capital.

In order to repair the kindergarten "Prietenia" from Pârlița village, Ungheni district, will be offered 3.17 million lei. Authorities have already transferred 30 000 lei for this aim. Another 472.5 million lei will be given in order to finish school roof repair works from Drochia district. Earlier, 462 000 lei were already transferred. Both institutions were damaged by the heavy rain from summer 2016 and 2017.

In order to reduce the impacts of the snow from April 2017, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research will receive 2.32 million lei. The money will be used to repair the National History Museum, A. S. Pușkin Museum, Mihai Eminescu theater and the headquarters of the National Academic Dance Ensemble "JOC".

The Government's funds are meant to cover expenses to reduce impacts of natural disasters, such as epidemic, fires and other crises.

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