Government to spend 9.5 million lei to remove final trances of April's natural disaster

Cabinet of Ministers decided today that around 9.5 million lei will be provided by the Government in order to remove the final traces of the natural disaster from April- June 2017.

The money will be given to public authorities from Cimişlia, Drochia and Ungheni district, as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense.

Therefore, authorities from Cimișlia district will receive 3 million lei. At today's meeting, a list containing 159 people, who will receive help rebuilding their house, as well as material support, has been approved. At the same time, the district council from Ungheni will be given 1.44 million lei, while district council from Drochia will be offered 462 thousand lei.

In order to cover the spending needed for transportation the Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive 2.69 million lei, while Ministry of Defense will get 1.86 million lei.

The necessary amount of money were calculated form the damage report and documents provided by the accounting division, approved by public authorities. 


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