Government to raises salaries of public servants by 10% (updated)

The Council of Ministers have taken the decision to raise the salaries of public servants by 10%.

According to this new project 120 000 employees from the field of education, culture and art, medical assistance and social welfare, physical education, science and innovation. At the same time soldiers, police officers, as well as other representatives of the law enforcement and national security and defense will enjoy a rise in their paycheck. 

This project will take place in two stages: those from the field of education, including sporting schools, are to expect the increase starting September 2017, while those from other fields starting January 2018. This seemingly small rise will cost the State's budget additional 337 million lei per year.

This raise is part of the Government's plan for 2016 - 2018 and is meant to ensure better support for public servants, who have small salaries.

The document is to be sent to the Parliament for examination, before the Government will take the final decision.

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