Government to accrue financial capacity and yield benefit to citizens

Prime Minister Pavel Filip at the government's meeting discussed about the decisions of president Igor Dodon as well as the conflict that the head of state had triggered in the national armed forces.

Accordingly, the Premier expressed his disappointment at president's decision. Moreover, the official again insisted on proposing the same candidate for Defense Minister's position. 

Likewise, the Prime Minister also emphasized the effort on stabilizing country's economic situation.

"If we want answers not any political shows, I would like to send a message: We are living in an information era. It's possible to search for all external assistance on chancellery's website. 

"Today we have a decision that will come into force in two phases, starting with January 1st for all the others, and we reached this decision through consultations with trade unions, taking into account the financial capacity.

"As soon as we increase financial capacity, people will benefit from this through their pensions and wages.

"See how fast I respond to citizens' requests, especially the answer is actual wage increase now.

"I assure everyone that once we increase financial capacity, people will absolutely gain benefit from this. 

"We will accumulate more money in the state budget. "

Increasing professors' salaries will cost the state budget over one billion lei.

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