Government releases 1 million MDL for the flood-damaged villages from Orhei

The Government releases 1 million MDL for the Donici, Camencea and Samananca from Orhei, that were affected by floods. According to the PM Pavel Filip, the aid will be received by the villages affected by the floods.

"The Emergency Situation Committee evaluated the damages in the first day. The necessary documents are being prepared for the next Government session", mentioned Pavel Filip.

At Donici and Camencea were damaged 80 terrains, 18 houses and some road patches. The damages reach half a million MDL. At Samananca were destroyed 7 gardens and some road patches too, the damages reaching 500 000 MDL.

PM discussed today with Teleseu villagers where was recently repaired the water tower. That way, 240 households from the area, the kindergarten, the school and the Health Center will be supplied with tap water. For it's renovation were released 250 000 MDL.

Now the whole area has access to water. PM mentioned the primary importance of the water-providing for the Government, in this year planning to connect to the aqueduct over 100 000 persons, two times more than the last year. 

Pavel Filip visited the cow farm from Pocsesti, a family's 10 million MDL investment. They worked abroad and decided to invest the gained money in business. At their company are working 9 employees that take care of 100 cows of Holstein breed. During the last years, the entrepreneurs received about 3 million MDL grant from the from the state. 

The PM discussed with the entrepreneurs about the farm's activity, unsolved problems and their solutions.

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