Government raises subsidies to young teachers

The Cabinet has approved a series of decisions meant to enhance social payments in the education sector. Thus, the young teachers accepting to work in villages will get a subvention of 45,000 lei in the first three years at job: that’s a 50% increase.

The move will benefit as many as 1,299 fresh teachers.

The Government also increased the compensations offered to young teachers to rent a dwelling and pay utilities. The total amount earmarked is 22.8 mn lei in 2017.

The Government also raised the young teachers’ salaries and the awards at a national contest assessing the best teachers

Another decision refers to increasing the scholarships by 5%. At today’s sitting of the Government, Premier Pavel Filip ordered to set up a plan of paying off the wage arrears to teachers.

The Education Ministry is to draft a mechanism of raising the teachers’ salaries in function of performance, within a month.

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