Government passed Regulation regarding dual education program

The Executive has approved the Regulation on the organization of technical training programs through dual education today. The document provides for the modernization of the regulatory framework for dual education according to European standards.

The Regulation sets out the defining elements for dual learning, the time spent on theoretical and practical training. At the same time, the rights and obligations of the economic agent and of the technical vocational education institution, of the master instructor in production and of the one within the educational institution as well as of the pupil are regulated.

For the first time, the term "apprenticeship salary" is introduced to pay the student's work within the enterprise.

Also, the responsibilities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), a government partner in the implementation of the dual education program, are regulated. The CCI will become a support and monitoring institution for study programs.

The financing of dual education will be provided, both from the state budget and from the sources of the economic agent.

Dual education is an alternative form of organization of technical vocational education, which involves simultaneous training in a technical vocational education institution and within an enterprise. The share of practical training is about 70% and graduate students can be employed within the company.

In the 2016-2017 study year, about 20 companies have implemented such study programs in collaboration with nine technical vocational education institutions.

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