Government is grateful to officers for ensuring public order and safety at the Christmas Fair

Ten employees from the National Patrol Inspectorate, of the General Police Inspectorate, have received grade one and two gratitude diploma from Prime Minister Pavel Filip, for their conscientious attitude, professionalism and contribution in order maintenance during the winter holidays and during the Christmas Fair organized in the Capital.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Internal Affairs, Alexandru Jizdan, Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Eremei Priseajniuc, Chief of General Police Inspectorate, Alexandru Pînzari and Chief of National Police Inspectorate, Livii Baziuc.

With this special occasion, Minister of Internal Affairs has expressed his gratitude toward employees of the National Patrol Inspectorate, for ensuring public order and security during the Christmas fair organized by Republic of Moldova's Government, mentioning that due to their presence, people felt safe at the fair.

In his turn, chief of staff Eremei Priseajniuc, sent a message of gratitude from the Prime Minister toward the National Patrol Inspectorate employees, who helped organizers of the fair to ensure that people could truly enjoy the winter wonderland, along with their beloved ones, without fearing for their safety.

We reminds that the Christmas Fair was organized for the first time at the initiative of Republic of Moldova's Government and was open for visitors from 15th December 2017 to 14th January 2018. Police officers have made sure that thousands of visitors could enjoy their holidays in peace, filled with traditions and surprises, like in European cities.

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