Government is ambitious to create Free Economic Zone in each Moldovan district

In order to attract more foreign investment, Moldova has to introduce industrial platforms such as Free Economic Zones (FEZ) in each Moldovan district, PM Ion Chicu announced in his visit to the Balti FEZ's Orhei Sub-zone. 

Almost 4,000 jobs were created in the auto wiring harnesses factory in the last two years. In the meeting with PM Ion Chicu, the company director mentioned the need for a predictable fiscal policy.

"We want predictability so we can deal with the Fiscal Code monthly and set up the business for the years to come. We think there's a need to make the Labor Code more flexible", said Igor Corman.

In turn, PM Ion Chicu assured the new government would not raise tax and want to expand FEZ.

"We want to replicate this model in other localities. We're ambitious to create industrial platforms in each district. We assure all you the government will promote predictable fiscal and budgetary policies."

Balti Free Economic Zone was founded in 2010 and manages 11 sub-zones, located in three regions of the country.

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