Government intervenes to save Bălţi locals from garbage crisis

When the local authorities are unable to solve problems that affect inhabitants, the Government intervenes. Prime Minister Pavel Filip commanded actions regarding the waste crisis in Bălţi in the meeting this morning. 

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers has called for the involvement of several public institutions, including the Chisinau City Hall so that the garbage can be evacuated in three days and the locals can celebrate New Year properly. 

"There are 15 specialized vehicles and more trucks, 50 Carabinieri and 40 employees of the Chisinau communal enterprise reached Bălţi. The crew are waiting in front of the City Hall where coordination meeting takes place", said Viorica Postolache, PUBLIKA TV correspondent.

During these three days, they are going to evacuate the garbage that has gathered for a week in Bălţi. 

Kitchen camp was set up to offer sufficient meals for workers. 

Previously, 800 cubic meters of garbage was collected daily from the streets of Bălţi but municipal enterprises manage to evacuate only 30 percent of the total volume of waste.

The problem came after the local authorities terminated the contract with the garbage disposal company.

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