Government has approved Strategy on public administration reform for 2016-2020

The Government has approved today the Strategy on public administration reform for 2016-2020.

The goal of this strategy is to improve the public administration, which will create the necessary premises for the optimization and insurance of an increased performance of the public administration, ensuring the sustainable development of Moldova.

According to authorities, at the drafting of this strategy was taken into account the priority actions from the activity program of Moldovan Government 2016-2018, and especially the recommendations of the development partners.

The strategy was drafted after 11 years from the launching of the first initiatives of reforms in the filed in 2005, which have contributed to the development of the institutions from Moldova.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that, previously, the European experts of the project “Support for the Improvement of the Management and Governing” came with a number of recommendations for the improvement of the strategy, like the improvement of the salary system, responsibility of public authorities and the effective management of money.

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