Government endorses project regarding petroleum products market

Government has made decision on the petroleum products market. The project was elaborated to implement the actions set out in the National Action Plan for the implementation of the Moldova - EU Association Agreement between 2017-2019.

At the same time, the draft Government Decision implements the provisions of art. IV of the Law no.168 / 2018 for the amendment of some legislative acts. Thus, for the harmonization of the national legislation on the quality of gasoline and diesel oil, amendments were made to Article 5 "Protection of legitimate rights and interests of the consumer of petroleum products".

According to the Law on the Market of Petroleum Products, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure is responsible for the elaboration of public policies and normative acts in the process of monitoring the quality of petroleum products.

The monitoring of the quality of petroleum products is carried out within a monitoring system approved by the Government. The project establishes the gas and diesel quality monitoring system, which provides for the establishment of technical specifications for gasoline and diesel, as well as for monitoring mechanisms based on European standards.

The gas and diesel quality monitoring system comes to ensure the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel for both import and marketing at filling stations in accordance with EU legislation.

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