Government doubles subsidies for young teachers sent to villages

The subsidies for the young teachers sent to rural localities will be doubled to reach

70,000 lei for the ones graduating from universities.

The ones graduating colleges will get 50,000 lei. The scholarships for students preparing to go to villages will be increased by 20 %.

These are teachers’ claims accepted by the Government, at a meeting with teachers’ unions.

Education union leader Dumitru Ivanov says half of their claims have already been accepted by the authorities: "If they accept all our claims, the profession of a teacher certainly will become more attractive, as it should be attached to the remuneration."

Teachers say the first steps undertaken by the Government will improve their working conditions.

Some parents believe that their kids will have a better education, should a teacher be endowed with all necessary.

The union also wants a 50% salary rise and bigger pensions for the retired teachers who continue working.

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