Government approves Regulation on early warning and fast response on transmissible diseases

Regulation on the early warning and rapid response to prevent, control of transmissible diseases and public health events was approved in today's meeting of the Government.

The document aims to establish a viable alert system, necessary for early detection of health risks and limiting the spread of transmissible diseases.

At the same time, the regulation provides for a series of actions of information, consultation and cooperation, to be undertaken by the authorities in crisis situations, including permanent exchange and rapid information, initiating epidemiological investigations and laboratory research, reducing the impact and liquidation of consequences. The document also establishes the need for public information on personal protection methods, regardless of the level of alert and promoting measures to prevent disease, until the annulment of the emergency.

The early warning and quick response is an integral part of the national system for surveillance and control of transmissible diseases and public health events, being intended to maintain safety and security of people's health.

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