Government approves Deontological Code of medical worker and pharmacist

Ministers cabinet approved the Deontological Code of medical worker and pharmacist. The document aims to establish the rules of conduct for medical workers and pharmacists, in order to prevent the eventual breaches while exercising their duties and protection of patient's rights.

The draft of the Deontological Code of medical worker and pharmacist regulates the principles and rules of conduct in relation to both the patient and the collegial relationships.

Thus, medical workers will need to provide patients with full information about their medical condition and treatment stages, and in case of a serious prognosis, to provide the patient psycho-emotional support, protecting the confidentiality of medical information obtained during medical investigations.

Also, in case of emergency, medical workers or pharmacists who are next to the person at risk are obliged to provide necessary assistance and remain with the patient as long as their professional help is needed.

The Code also includes regulations regarding the integrity of the medical worker and pharmacist, who must avoid engaging in corruption or bribery and obtaining unjustified advantages.

In order to apply the Code provisions, in medical and pharmaceutical institutions will be created ethics committees which will monitor and promote implementation of the rules of the approved document. For the violation of the code of medical and pharmaceutical personnel shall be liable to disciplinary punishment.

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