Government approves creation of joint-stock company MoldFarm

Ministers Cabinet approved during today's meeting the decision on the creation of joint-stock company MoldFarm, in which the Health Ministry will carry out the position of founder.

The new-created joint-stock company will work in the pharmaceutical field, namely purchase, import, storage, storage and marketing of medicines, medical devices.

Creating the "MoldFarm" JSC will give the state the opportunity to purchase medicines and medical products necessary for the activity of medical institutions, with the producer price, avoiding crises of drugs supply and fortifying fair competition in the market.

Also, by creating this society can be more easily controlled the potential cartel deals to the drug market, ie temptation of private importers of medicines to unduly increase their prices.

At the same time, will be ensured the multi-drug storage in high security conditions for achieving a continuous stream to medical institutions of all products used to maintain life and health of served patients.

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