Government approves changes regulating entrepreneurial activity

The cabinet today approved a string of legislative amendments on regulation of entrepreneurial activity. Under the document, the number of permissive acts is reduced by about 150. The action has a direct impact on the business environment, helping to drive down the existing burden on the business community.

“I said from the beginning that it is very important for us to do our utmost to provide comfort to those who deal with business in Moldova”, Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.

The draft new nomenclature of permissive acts is divided into three components: authorizations, certificates and licenses. They will be issued by authorities in accordance with the activity of the entity.

Also, the amendments promoted by the government exclude the authorities’ right to reject, without cause, the application submitted by the economic agent. If it is not properly filled out or all documents provided by the law are not annexed, the authority will notify the applicant and will be able to extend the period for issuing the act by up to 30 days. At the same time, the document sets a stricter sanction for officials who admit abuses in the exercise of their duties.

According to the provisional calculations, the approved amendments would allow the private sector to save about 43.6 million lei annually, and the public sector – 18.4 million lei.

The document is to be submitted to the parliament for consideration.

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