Government approves action plan on implementation of public administration reform strategy

The action plan for the years 2016-2018 on implementation of public administration reform strategy was approved at today's meeting of the Executive.

The measures included in the plan come to ensure the accountability of public administration, including the drafting and coordination of policy documents, modernization of public services and effective management of finances and strengthening the skills of civil servants. At the same time, the document provides strengthening of functional capacity of the Government and clear delineation of roles and responsibilities. Also, through this plan the number of ministries and functions will be optimized and public services will be more accessible to citizens.

Particular attention will be paid to digitization of public services, and the State Chancellery will pilot the concept of universal center of public services. Meanwhile, the control body of the Prime Minister has to be established and should be institutionalized the mechanism to ensure transparency in the state-owned economic entities.

Also today, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the action plan for open government for the years 2016-2018. According to the document, during the mentioned period Moldova will concentrate its efforts on strengthening the public integrity, a better manage of resources and on improving the quality of public services delivered to citizens .

At the same time, the authorities will take measures to increase the budget transparency and public procurement, to ensure a participatory decision-making process and the involvement of citizens in developing policy documents. Also, public institutions will improve access to public information, including data on institutional performance. The document also aims to streamline the process of monitoring the accountability of public authorities and public sector employees.

Moldova adhered to the Partnership for an Open Governing in 2011, aligning itself to the global efforts to promote and ensure the transparency, fight the corruption and improve the quality of providing public services through harnessing the technological and innovative potential

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