Government approved Regulations on new ministries' operations

At today's meeting, the Executive has approved the Regulations for the functioning of the new ministries, which establish their mission, functions, fields of activity and rights, as well as the organization of the activity.

The provisions of the documents have been drafted in accordance with the Regulation on the Organization and Functioning of the Ministry.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip mentioned that the step taken today will provide the framework for the new ministries and will create the necessary conditions for them to become more efficient. Each official in the newly created structures, accordingly, will know better how to work effectively during the eight hours.

"It is not just a salary increase for officials working in central institutions but also about expenditure optimization. Thanks to that, we will be able to offer higher salaries to those remaining in central state institutions, "Pavel Filip said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister reiterated the purpose of the reform is to strengthen state institutions: "A state is strong when its institutions are strong. I said not once - my dream and my goal is our government have best professionals. Only in this way we can further build a economically and socially developed country. "

The Prime Minister also urged ministers to immediately arrange for the transfer of drivers and cars to the State garage, as the institution, in turn, to ensure the quality, uniformity and fairness of the smooth operation and servicing to the ministries.

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