Government approved project of law to build Integrated Training Center for Law Enforcement of MAI

Within the Government's session, there were approved projects that target to provide the the necessary ground for the construction of the Integrated Training Center for Law Enforcement and the establishment of the Center which is one of the objectives of the Police Development Strategy for 2016-2020 period were approved.

Thus, this center will be built near Foreign Affairs Ministry, on 30, Nicolae Dimo street. The land belongs to the Dinamo sportive club. On the surface there are objects that will be destroyed soon.

 Both the feasibility study, the design and construction process have taken particular account of the protection of the area, so that the intervention is minimally invasive.

The Law Enforcement Training Center is a complex, applicative objective that will include all the necessary facilities (administrative: training classes, TIR, canteen, tactical applications, accommodation unit, sanitary unit) and will be intended to revert the "pyramid officers-non-commissioned officers", also taking into account the current need to balance the officers 'and non-commissioners' co-ordination, to be built for 4 years and will actively contribute to improving the services provided by the Police.

This important project for the MIA system will be carried out with the support of the EU and the United States of America, partners that have contributed considerably to its current stage.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will continue to inform the company about the priority institutional project for the establishment of CIPAL and will provide details on the state and prospects of setting up this educational institution of national importance.


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