Government approved project of law for ratification of macrofinancial agreement worth 100 million euros

The Minister Cabinet approved the project of law according to the ratification of the Grant Agreements of loans between Moldova and European Union, on the macrofinancial assistance between Moldova and EU and of the Memorandum signed on November 23, in Bruxelles.

The macrofinancial assistance offered to Republic of Moldova worth 100 million euros, 60 million of what are borrowed and other 40 million euros are used as a grant. The financial resources will be offered in three trances according to the progresses registered in the Memorandum stipulations with the International Monetary Fund established between EU and Moldova.

The macrofinancial assistance from the EU will contribute to the raise of a macroeconomic frame, which is favorable for our country.

The documents will be sent for examination, to the Parliament.


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