Government approved new law regarding unpaid community services

The Government has approved the new law forwarded by the Ministry of Justice regarding how unpaid community services can by used as punishment.

According to it, the unpaid community services can be done 2 to 4 hours per day, after work or school. While those who do not activate in a field or are registered in an educational institution can work up to 8 hours per day.

The document also stated that minors, between 16-18-year-old, are only allowed to work 2 to 7 hours per day, during their free time or after their classes or job. Unpaid community services cannot be done during the nigh, or in bad weather conditions, as well as dangerous places that present a risk to the person or their health.

The once sentenced to unpaid community services has to serve it, to work according to the schedule they were given and that was approved by the probation councilman, to announce immediately of any changes in their permanent residence or work place, as it might influence the punishment.

The modification is made to consolidate the probation period, by using other methods than imprisonment. This punishment is established by the court for a person that has committed a crime and consists of the implication of the person, or a group to work for free for the good of the society, without causing the person bodily harm or damage his self-esteem.

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