Government allocated 6 million lei for war veterans to have free health care and rehabilitation

Government has allocated nearly 6 million lei, so that 1 500 war veterans will have access to free health care and rehabilitation. The Republican Experimental Center for Prosthesis, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation will offer veterans treatments with thermotherapy, massage, sea salt baths, kinesiotherapy and will have medical consultations.

All in all there are over five thousand services available.

"Here we do electrical muscle stimulation. It helps recover muscles and straightens the conductivity of nerve cells."

Vasile Musteaţă fought in the Transnistria and Afghanistan War. The man is happy to attend rehabilitation. He claims that the salt therapy does not only help but also relaxes him.

"The salt, bath and massage therapies are wonderful. I am very thankful."

70-year-old Titu Mereuţă also said that the procedures prescribed by the psychologist help him recover from the psychological trauma he suffers from after the Transnistria war

"I feel formication in my arms and legs. The burdened eased, I feel more relaxed and happy."

"This lady receives the cellular bath, for the lower limbs, turbulent, which has a very good effect upon peripheral circulation."

Among additional services veterans can make use of counts dry carbonated baths and curative baths.

"We have entered the phytotherapy room, where patients are currently receiving traditional treatment. At the same time, they have the possibility to try three types of herbal tea, sedative and hepatic tea" chief of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Center, Elena Hamițchi said.

A 14-day treatment per person costs on average 8 100 lei.

"Using the additional resources we were given, we can now assist 350 patients to the end of the year, out of which 86 have already received treatment."

State budget has additionally offered over 3 million 500 thousand lei for rehabilitation and manufacture of modern prosthesis.

"War veterans are actually a very important group in our country. They protected our society and fought for independence, they deserve to be recognized for it" Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Stela Grigoraș declared.

Each year Republican Experimental Center for Prosthesis, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation treats over 10 300 patients.

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