Governing alliance totters amid doubt arising in general prosecutor election

The election of the general prosecutor causes new cracks in the governing alliance. President Igor Dodon was outraged by the attitude of Prime Minister Maia Sandu, who asked the Ministry of Justice to review its decision regarding the selection of the four candidates, because there were suspicions regarding the integrity criteria.

The head of state claims that he is tired of the game of competitions and asks his partners to respect their own commitments.

The declaration was made on a private TV's show. According to him, it's inadmissible for the Government to cancel a contest only because they disagree with the results.

"I heard that someone in the Government gets unsatisfied. Well, we didn't get involved in the procedure when you were selected. Now the whole procedure will be overlooked if someone tries to cancel the competition", said Igor Dodon. 

The comment came after Maia Sandu had said yesterday she had doubts about the integrity of a candidate in the shortlist submitted by the commission.

It was Veaceslav Soltan, the head of the Information Technology and Cybercrime Combating section of the General Prosecutor's Office. He was said to have rigged a procurement tender for Windows operating system for the PG's computers and the version of the operating system was different than the one indicated in the specification. 

Prime Minister Maia Sandu asked the Commission for the selection of the candidate for the Prosecutor General position to urgently verify the information and to consider the possibility of re-evaluating the short list.

Veaceslav Soltan claims he is a victim of the misinformation campaign and calls for the establishment of a commission to verify the allegations. 

According to the Justice Minister Olesea Stamate, the allegation would be unfounded because the committee members objectively evaluated all the applications.

"The fact that in this list there are three candidates in the system and one outside the system proves once again that this commission has done the absolutely independent and objective work, so it evaluated the candidates objectively," stressed the Minister of Justice.

Four candidates were named in the short list for the position of general prosecutor: Vladislav Gribincea, Veaceslav Soltan, Alexandr Stoianoglo, Oleg Crâşmaru.

Several candidates and members of civil society were outraged by the result following the evaluation of the commission. A petition even appeared on the Internet requesting the resignation of the Minister of Justice.

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