Gotonoaga judo fighter will participate at Tokyo Grand Slam

The Moldovan Judo player, Dorin Gotonoaga was flattered after he conquered the gold medal at the European Championship under 23 years. The sportsman from Hincesti wants to arrive at the Grand Slam runway from Tokyo. The competition will take place between December 1 and 3.

''Many of the participants from the European Championship, will be there. Also, there will be elder champions. I don't think it is impossible. As I previously said, if you believe in your own force, then everything is possible'', said Dorin Gotonoaga.

Before the championship, Gotonoaga will have a cantonment in the Capital of Japan, with other seven Moldolvan players.

''We will stay 16 days at the Tokai University, the best Judo University from Japan. After that, we will participate at the Grand Slam from Tokyo, the best tour of the year'', said Valeriu Duminica, the general FM secretary of Judo.

The win from the Montenegro Championship represents the biggest performance of the 22 year old sportsman's carer.

''A day before I was thinking to gain a medal. I was thinking about the gold one, because the opponents weren't stronger than me and I could have won them'', said Dorin Gotonoaga, judo fighter.

''We expected that result, as there are only prepared people out there'', said Mihai Buiuc, trainer.

In 2017, Dorin Gotonoaga also won the bronze medal of the Big Dusseldorf Prize.


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