Google Flights will now help you find cheaper tickets

Google’s airfare search destination Google Flights already offered a variety of features aimed at helping you find low-cost tickets, but today it’s rolling out one more: it will show you when prices are expected to increase for certain flights, so you can book before the tickets become more expensive. It’s also rolling out other tips that will help you shop for the best priced tickets among other things, says Google. In addition, Google Hotels is getting an upgrade, too, also focused on making it easier to find deals, techcrunch informs.

Previously, Google Flights included tools to see airline’s fluctuating prices, like a calendar view of fares, or ways to search for a cheap destination based on when you want to travel. It also could alert you price changes for flights you’re tracking.

The new version improves the functionality further, by also notifying you when the current fare is expected to expire, so you’ll know how much you can save by booking immediately.

Google Flights can also send you notification emails that alert you to changing prices for either a flight or a route.


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