Goods smuggling worth 330 000 lei. What did customs officers found in four trucks

Four smuggling attempts with goods worth over 330 000 lei were revealed between March 8 and 12 by customs officers.

Firstly, the smugglers were detained in Chisinau. The smugglers were selling goods from Cernauti town, Ukraine. In their car there were found many water pumps, mechanical saw blades and chains for those.

In the second case, the inspectors of the Mobile Teams stopped a truck transporting 2 000 kilos of Chinese cabbage without provenience acts. The vegetables were bought in Ukraine and illegally transported in Moldova through Transnistrean region.

At the same time, a vehicle was stopped at Valcinet village, Ocnita district that was smuggling with sweets bought in Ukraine.

Near Capriana village, in a truck of Italy-Republic of Moldova route there was found a batch of used multimedia systems for various auto marks. The driver of the truck is investigated in this case, because he admitted the smuggling.

The guilty persons will be punished according to the law. 


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