Goods in sum of 250.000 lei confiscated by police Failed business of Moldovan

There were stopped for verifications two cars belonging to a man aged 37, with residence in district Ocnița, by the patrol inspectors in village Vălcineț.

There were found house use goods as a result of the verifications, in wide aasortment: boxes with tea, coffee, toys for children, napkins,table films, rusks, single use glasses. The goods’ value is of 250.000 de lei.

The man couldn’t present a single document that would confirm the goods’ provenience.

The driver, being investigated by the police, declared that the goods was intended to be traded on the north territory of the country.

The man is investigated, the goods were confiscated. The persons guilty for the illegal purchase, keeping, transport and trading of material values " are punished with fine from 3.000 till 4.500 de lei.


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