Good roads for Moldova: Main street from Loganesti village to be repaired

Good roads for Moldova program extinguishes day by day. In at least two weeks, the road that crosses Loganesti village from Hancesti district will be repaired. Totally, ten kilometers of road will be repaired.

The road unites two national highways: Chișinău - Cimișlia and Chișinău - Leuşeni. The works are worth 12,5 million lei.

"The road is broken we can't even walk here."

The project is funded by the State Budget and the Road Fund.

"I live in Loganesti since 1986 and the road wasn't repaired since then", said Vasilisa Rasco, employee of Loganesti City Hall.

The workers say that till the end of the month, the road will be totally repaired:

"We want to make sure that we will finish by June."

The authorities say that the program will be implemented in all the villages.

"The repair works will take place till May 25. We will implement this project in all the villages", said Alexandru Dodon, adviser at the State Road Administration.

The Good Roads for Moldova program was launched by the Democratic Party. This year, nearly 1 200 kilometers of road kilometers will be repaired.

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