Good Roads for Moldova: Main roads repaired in 13 villages from Cimişlia

In 13 villages from Cimişlia the main roads were already repaired. Works took place within the National Program Good Roads for Moldova, launched by the Government.

Currently works are being performed in Ialpujeni commune, where 1.7 km of roads are being repaired. Works cost over two million lei.

"The asphalt was made in Cimişlia, in our factory and is brought here fresh and hot. We guarantee that it will last around 30-40 years" site manager Alexandru Ivanov said.

Locals are happy that they finally got rid of the endless potholes and mud. Such works were not performed in the village for nearly 40 years.

"We are proud to have new roads and thank the Government for this."

"We are very happy. Finally there will be no more potholes with water, mud and dust."

In the settlement were repaired the roads leading to the kindergarten, school, post office and house of culture.

"At the moment the kindergarten is attended by 42 children, many will be happy with the new roads" director of Ialpujeni kindergarten, Nadejda Cuflic said.

"New roads are welcomed in our settlement. This is a great project" a woman said.

Soon, workers will repair the main road from Marienfeld village, which is over 1 km long.

"We never managed to do this before. We thank the Government for allocating the money for those works" Mayor of Marienfeld village, Eremei Paşcaneanu said.

In Cimişlia will be rehabilitated roads in 36 settlements, the works costing over 52 million lei.

The Good Roads for Moldova was launched by the Government at the initiative of leader of PDMVlad Plahotniuc. A total of over 1 200 km of roads will be repaired, for the project being invested over 1.6 billion lei.

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