Good Roads for Moldova in Hancesti. Road from Sofia village has been repaired

The residents of Sofia village from Hancesti district have a better road now, due to Good Roads for Moldova project. The cost of the work is 1,3 million lei.

"I would like to benefit of another road the next year", said a resident of the village.

"This road is better than the previous one", said a woman.

"There was a lot of mold here, when it was raining", mentioned a resident of the village.

The authorities put cement on the road, so the rain won't affect it.

The leaders of the district said that in a short time, we will repair all the highways from Hancesti.

"90% of the work has almost been done. We work till midnight", said Ghenadie Buza, the President of Hancesti district.

"The residents of the village say that they have never had such a good road here", said Anatolie Zagorodnii, PDM deputy.

Almost 53 roads from Hancesti district are planned to be repaired. In this sense, there were allocated 52 million lei.

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