Good roads for Moldova: Approximately 20 kilometers of road were repaired at Hancesti

The infrastructure in Hincesti is in full swing. Approximately 20 km of road in this city have been repaired, and three streets have been paved under the "Good Roads for Moldova" program. Every repaired kilometer is a step forward in the process of modernizing the country, said Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc, at the inauguration of one of the renovated streets.

Among the streets in Hincesti, repaired under the national program "Good Roads for Moldova", is the name of Stefan Voda and leads to the famous tourist destination "Manuc Bei". Locals are delighted with the look that the city has, especially since this road has not been renovated for more than 30 years.

"25 or 30 years ago it was not like this, but now, for a month, two, half a city was made", said a man.

"Until now it was a disaster, but now we like it, it's very good that it's done," said a woman.

"Even my children, when they were young, because we had a house in this street, it was very difficult for them to get to school. It is clear that now it is very good," another woman said.

"Citizens for about ten years had the request that the City Hall take some measures and in this project the first and first necessity we decided that this road, Stefan Voda, which requires a very complicated repair, has been placed here two levels of asphalt, said Alexandru Botnari.

Being present at the inauguration of the modernized street, DPM leader Vlad Plahotniuc shared the joy with the locals.

"I always inspire people's looks, smiles and the gratitude they see every time I go to such localities, because every kilometer of our way to us is yet another step towards the development and modernization of the country, because these are the elements when building and developing a country, from infrastructure", said Vlad Plahotniuc, president of the Democratic Party.

The Road Renovation Program has been successfully implemented throughout Hincesti district.

"Over 80 million are invested in Hincesti district and nearly 20 million in Hincesti", said Ghenadie Buza, president of Hincesti district.

"I wish very much that in the next three years we have at least five kilometers of road in every locality so that people have access to quality roads and have all the comforts", said Minister Chiril Gaburici Economy and Infrastructure.

The inhabitants of Hincesti hpersonally thanked Vlad Plahotniuc for his contribution to the development of the city and to take a picture together.

- The parents are happy, the children are happy to ride the bicycles, the trotters, we hope that in the next year we will have the opportunity to meet in such a composition.

- I mean, to build.

- The mayor is a long time in Hincesti, but the roads are with you.

- Did you see?

This year, 1,600 km of road was repaired, and another 2600 km will be repaired in 2019 under the "Good Roads 2" national program. The grandiose project was launched at the initiative of PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc.

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