Good Roads for Moldova 2: Roads from Lalova village are being repaired

Good roads 2 for Moldova was successfully realized in Lalova village from Rezina district. The building works were realized near Tapova touristic zone. According to the local authorities, due to the program, 200 meters of road were repaired. The project is worth 2 million 700 thousand lei.

The residents of the village say that couldn't wait forward the road to be built.

"We were waiting for the road to be repaired. Now it is better."

The road connects the village with Tapova monastery.

"The monastery is visited by a lot of tourists.", said  a resident of the village.

14 persons work to build the road.
"There are 245 tons first layer, wear 154. Everything is right, 7 cm is put 7-6 compacted and the second layer 4 cm," said a worker.

"The construction of the drum part consists of 18 cm of gravel and 2 layers of Binder 6 asphalt and the 4 cm wear layer. The 0,5 meter thick gravel bodies are reinforced on both sides", explained Ion Fondos, engineer.

"It was the flood, not even where I was going, when you went home, you had the dirty legs of the cranberries," a woman said.

"I have been living for about 20 years here. The road has been badly bad, but now it's getting better," said another local.

"In the village of Lalova, a road of 1,600 square meters, 546 meters long, covered with concrete asphalt is being built. About 2,500 square meters of land are built on a length of 650 meters", says Mihai Gotornicean, mayor of Lalova commune .

Under the "Good 2 Road" National Program, 2,600 kilometers of roads will be built this year. To this end, a budget of over 2.7 billion lei was foreseen.

In 2018, 1.600 kilometers were rehabilitated through the first stage of the program, and the investments exceeded 1.6 billion lei.

The program was launched by the Government, at the initiative of the President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc.


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