Good news! Two national roads will be repaired supported by China

Government has approved today the project on the initiation of negotiations on Financing Agreements between the Government of Moldova and China Citic Bank Corporation Limited on the projects road repairs on M5, Border with Ukraine - Criva - Balti - Chisinau - Tiraspol - the border with Ukraine, Criva - Balti sector, and repair of national road R13, Balti - Floresti - R14.

"Negotiation of the financing proposal is a continuation of the Road Sector Program Support Project implemented with the support of the International Financial Institutions, which aims to support the Republic of Moldova in the rehabilitation of the national road network in order to facilitate the road transport and to increase the safety and the capacity to manage the road network, "said Chiril Gaburici, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

For the realization of the above mentioned projects, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the consortium of companies China Hyway Group Limited and Tianjin Oubaiwei Corp., LTD.

Thus, the project proposes to set up a group to initiate negotiations with China Citic Bank Corporation Limited for the rehabilitation of M5 and R13 roads.

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