Good news: Rescues will receive 24 new modern machines

The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations received 24 new cars. The new trucks costed 17 million lei.


The machines make their way through the ramparts, rugged areas and the most curious thing is that, if necessary, they can float on the water just like motorboats. The machine is fully driven and can run both on wheels and on tracks, depending on the mission.

Car parts were produced in Canada and assembled in Bucharest. According to Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan, Moldovan the rescues will get faster with those who need help with the advanced technology.

"The Republic of Moldova has the human capacity and has heroes who are ready to fight for the life of every man in our country. Of course, the technical endowment is an imperative one", Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan said.

Modern machines have beaten them to rescuers who failed to start them first.

"We will use the hard-to-reach, practically impracticable territories that have been so far and we have had to travel for tens of kilometers."

Five intervention vehicles remained in Chisinau, while the others were assigned to rescuers from 10 districts.

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