Good news on the first day of 2019. Elderly people can now request a recalculation of their pensions

Good news on the first day of the year. Elderly people with incomes lower than 1589 lei will receive, this month, higher pensions by 10 percent.

The project provides for the increase was implemented on the initiative of the leader of the Democratic PartyVlad Plahotniuc .

In this respect, approximately 567 million lei will be needed during the year. The increase in pensions lower than the subsistence minimum is additional to the indexation that takes place annually in April. 

Also today, the law stipulates the recalculation of the allowances of persons who retired until 1.999 and who worked after this minimum of 15 years, contributing to the state budget. Thus, about 2,500 pensioners will benefit from increased allowances up to 4,770 lei. 

2019 brings higher incomes to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Beneficiaries of severe disability benefits will receive monthly 400, 300 and 200 lei more. Also with 200 lei increased the allowance for the members of the families of the deceased after the consequences of the catastrophe.

Good news for coaches with at least 20 years of experience who have prepared medals at the Olympic and European or World Championships. They will receive a monthly life allowance, the size of which will be determined by the level of performance of the trained athletes. For example, for the gold medal at the Olympic Games, the amount paid to the coach will reach up to an average salary in the economy.

Currently there are about 10 coaches who meet the conditions and will benefit from these payments. The expenditures amount to about 550 thousand lei annually, and the money will be allocated from the state budget. 

In January, about 61,000 citizens will enjoy the unique $ 600 worth of holidays.

This is particularly true of people who receive state social allowances of several hundred lei because they do not have a full contribution period or have not been able to prove that they have worked. This unique support came in the pockets of another 550 thousand people who have pensions of less than 2000 lei. 

This month, nearly 200,000 public servants will feel the effect of wage reform, which came into force in December. Employees in education, health, social care, local and central public administration will raise higher woes.

Thus, no budget will receive less than the subsistence limit, ie less than two thousand lei. The reform was implemented at the initiative of the President of thr Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc.

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