Good news: Locals of Cubolta to benefit from tap potable water

Over hundred families in Cubolta commune, Sângerei district will have potable water in tap after a aqueduct was inaugurated in this area. 

Evdochia Cudalb is one of those benefiting from that project. She doesn't hide her happiness that household chores are no longer difficult due to water. 

"We have water now and this's really good news. We can prepare food better with sufficient water," said Evdochia Cudalb. 

Village people have waited this for decades because well water is of poor quality and can not be used for cooking.

"It's evidently easier for us, we don't need to fetch water from well, just open the tap and use water".

Authorities started building the aqueduct last year. Until now, all households in the village of Mărăşeşti, which is part of the Cubolta commune, were connected to the network.

In Cubolta, however, the aqueduct is to be extended to the entire locality. Lots of locals are awaiting the aqueduct.

"We have been waiting for a year since it was started. We hope this year there will be tap water."

The mayor of the locality says the problem has been partly solved. To connect the entire city to the network, they're going to build more nine miles of aqueduct.

"We still want to construct the rest 9 km of the network. We want to convince the people the water is high quality, is verified and tested. It meets the requirements and standards in Moldova," declared Mayor of Culbota commune. 

The aqueduct project cost around 7 million lei which was financed by National Ecologic Fund. 

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