Good news! Hundreds of medicines were registered with producer’s price

The Agency of Medicine and Medical Appliances registered the producer’s price for 390 medicines, in March 2017. The prices are in average 3,8% lower comparatively with the same period of the last year.

The medicines, registered with producer’s price, have systemic antifungal effects, anti-bacterial of systemic use, anti-asthmatic effects. There are also selective beta-blocking preparations, antipsychotic, analgesic, antibiotic, cardiac preparations, etc..

AMDM authorized also the import of over 350 pharmaceutical products. These authorizations of import are granted to the economic agents for the effectuation of external trade (import) on a period of one year or in the limits indicated in the documentation. There were also authorized 26 medical appliances.

Also, the Commission for the import of non—registered pharmaceutical products, vitally necessary to the health system, issued the import authorizations for 64 denominations of preparations.

Regarding the authorization or re-authorization of drug products on the territory of Moldova, in the Commission of Medicine from within AMDM in March 2017, there were positively noticed 79 products, 34 products more than in March 2016.

50 of these medicines are of European origin, the others being produced in the CSI or in Moldova. Of the total number of medicines 23 passed the primary authorization, and 56 pharmaceutical preparations were re-authorized.

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