GOOD NEWS for poultry farmers. Eggs and poultry meat could reach consumers in the EU

By the end of this year, eggs and poultry meat could reach consumers in the European Union. A mission from Brussels came to our country to make assessments in this respect

Several representatives of DG Sante, a European Commission department responsible for EU health and food safety policy, have come to our country and have evaluated poultry factories, bird health, and the conditions in which they are raised.

Experts remain satisfied with what they saw, but said that in order to receive green light from exports, the poultry farmers must also pass certain checks related to the quality of the meat at all stages of production. 

The announcement of possible exports of poultry meat and eggs to the EU was made by the director of the National Food Safety Agency, Ion Sula, during a meeting with several breeders of birds. 

"When the animals are alive, they are free from certain diseases and the slaughtered meat has no antibiotic residues and active substances that have been used, the rules of hygiene, well-being and health, then the product is one, "said Ion Sula, ANSA director. 

Roman Sîrbu has a family business. Annually, the farmer gathers 150 thousand eggs. A third is exported to Iraq, and five per cent in several African countries. The beekeeper says that the merchandise meets all standards and deserves to reach the European market. 

"We have our fields, and all the production for birds is absolutely natural, and we meet the standards that are required for bio-security and absolute." Some factories in the EU are not some stuff implemented at the level they are "We are ready. It is a competitive market for us", explained Roman Sirbu, a poultry breeder. 

And other beekeepers claim that the European market is an important one, with competitive prices, and our products are no worse than the EU ones:

"Our birds eat only native fodder. We take the birds out and they are in the air light, and these things are felt in the quality of the final product, here I refer to the color of yolk and the color, but also to the texture of the flesh".

At the moment,in our country there are 17 poultry factories.

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