Good news for High Schoolers! Less mandatory subjects and more supplementary ones

Starting next year, high schoolers will have less mandatory classes and more supplementary ones. The curriculum sample used by the Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences has already brought results. There, pupils have six less subjects than other schols.

"I visited Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences due to the fact that since 2014-2015 this schools is using it's own curriculum, doing what we wish to apply: less mandatory subjects. If a common lyceum has 30 -31 mandatory classes, Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences has only 24" Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Monica Babuc declared.

According to this program, high schoolers have the possibility to chose their own subjects out of the six supplementary ones, depending on which job they wish to pursuit.

In October, PDM's leader has requested Ministry of Education to elaborate a new plan more fitting to pupil's needs and to modernize the school curriculum.

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