Good news for farmers! Easier access to surface water for land irrigation

Farmers will have easier access to surface water for irrigation of land. In this respect, the Government has approved a bill that provides for a number of amendments to some legislative acts, including the Water Law.

According to the project, agricultural producers will have the right to place water inlets and mobile installations on land adjacent to rivers or water basins for irrigation of land. Previously, it was not allowed to mount mobile water capture facilities for this purpose.

Also, the list of necessary documents for obtaining the environmental permit for the use of irrigation water was reduced. Thus, the passport of the water intake and the contract for the transportation and reception of waste water for purification were excluded. The project establishes that these authorizations will be issued within a maximum of 30 days, without delaying the process.

At the same time, water user associations will be able to use free of charge not only irrigation systems, but also drainage systems, so as to be able to evacuate, if necessary, excess water from aquatic basins.

"It was a problem and a question raised by farmers every time we had meetings with them. I hope with these changes to solve this problem,"said Pavel Filip.

The Penal Code with sanctions for the lease of aquatic basins was also completed, which would prevent agricultural producers from accessing the use of water inlets for irrigation of crops. At the same time, fish farmers will be banned from discharging water from aquatic basins for carrying out various works in favor of their re-use for the irrigation needs of agricultural producers.
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