Good news for Farmers! AIPA launched program offering subventions in advance

Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture (AIPA) launched a program offering subventions in advance. During a press conference were announced all terms for people who wish to apply.

First of all, beneficiaries can be young farmers, no older than 35 and women. They will receive to 65% of the project's value as long as it does not exceeds one million lei.

"The projects worth up to one million lei will be accepted. 65% of the sum will be offered by the state and 35% by the participant", said Liviu Volconovici, the minister of Agriculture.

AIPA will receive the folders of the participants for two months.

"I hope we will have enough participants, so the targets of this project will be fulfilled", said Nicolae Ciubuc, AIPA director.

The second term is for the enterprise to be developed in rural areas. Prioritized areas will be zootechnics, value-added crops such as cherries, apricots or strawberry plantations, as well as the construction of cold stores.

The young entrepreneurs who came at the event said that the task is easy to be fulfilled.

"The request of the program is easy to be fulfilled", said Daniel Istrate, entrepreneur.

The deadline for application is 1st July.

The project's value is of nearly 45 million lei, which represents 5% from the National Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development's budget.

Authorities claim that this program will create to 500 jobs.

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