Good news! Five subways will be repaired in 2018

Almost a half of the subways from the Capital are in a terrible condition. Five of those should be renovated this year.

The works started in the subway near the No.1 Municipal Hospital, after many residents complained to the City Hall that it is very dirty there.

The subway near the Municipal Hospital looks exactly like the ones that are not rented: it is not illuminated, the stairs are broken and the walls are full of commercials.

"Our children walk here. It is very hard for the old people. Also, the mothers with the babies can't walk there."

"It is very dangerous here. We are afraid because we are pregnant. Here is not frozen yet, but when there will be snow and ice, it will be harder."

In a couple of days, everything will be changed. The workers started the reparation yesterday, they repair the stairs and tomorrow will change the sewerage mouths.

"Yesterday we cleared the commercials, but today those are here again.We should change it and start over. The only problem is that we don't have enough money."

Such repair works should be made in many subways from the Capital. The one close to the Southern Railway Station was built 40 years ago and there weren't any repair works there since then. Because of the dirt, many passers by cross the street illegally.

"I haven't been there since long ago. I have been there once and it was very dirty."

"Yes, I am afraid to walk around this subway. Also, I am afraid to cross the street there, the traffic is always huge."

After a year, the Direction of Public Transportation and Communication has a 1,4 million lei budget, to renovate the subways on Dacia , Traian and Constantin Negruzzi boulevards and Hancesti highway.

"We consider that a renovation is required and it should be of good quality, here I can mention the materials of high quality that will have a 10 years term utilization. I am sure that we can obtain the necessary financial resources to make all these", said Vitalie Butucel, the interim of the Chisinau Transport Direction.

In the Capital we have 18 subways, 10 among which are rented by economic agents. The majority of them were built in the Soviet period.

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