Good news. Children from Parlita village will go to a renovated kindergarten

The children who go to the Parlita kindergarten from Ungheni district will benefit of better conditions. The roof of the building was renovated and the yard arranged. The cost of the project is worth three million lei and this was allocated by the Reserve Fund of the Government. The parents are glad about the changes.

The administration of the institution managed to arrange the playground for the children.

"The Republic of Moldova government allocated 180 thousand lei for the repair works", said Natalia Irimca, the director of the kindergarten.

Ludmila Guzun deputy and Nicolae Ciubuc minister of Agriculture and Regional Development attended the inauguration of the event.

"We solved this problem due to the Commission for Exceptional Situations", said Ludmila Guzun, DPM deputy.

"This is an example of how should the solidarity look like. This example shows that in the crisis situations, the Government intervenes", said Nicolae Ciubuc, the minister of Agriculture and Regional Development.

Totally, 280 children go to Parlita kindergarten.

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