Gofman: Platon used the same fake companies Magnitski scheme and in "Theft of Century"

The Magnitski file, investigating hundreds of millions of dollars in the state budget of Russia, has a direct connection with the theft of the Moldovan banking system. Behind both criminal schemes lies Veaceslav Platon. This was confirmed by the former deputy head of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Mihai Gofman, in an interview with the zeppelin.md portal.

Gofman explained that in both cases the same phantom firms, controlled by Platon, were used.

"Bunicon Impex" and "Elenast Com", which used a particular offshore company "Kelway Trading". The famous "Kelway Trading" Company, which later appeared in all international scandals, gave rise to many questions, who still stands behind it? This Panamanian company was also a ghost company, but with international status, and was used domestically in the Republic of Moldova for giving bribes and solving certain issues related to the financial aspect. The Kelway Trading file was launched in April 2012, later with "Bunicon" started in December 2013, and with "Elenast Com" - in February 2013. Indeed, I was dealing directly with this case, it is indeed, an international criminal group that has tangencies from the Russian Federation"Go, said Mihai Gofman,.

Mihail Gofman points out that organizer of the entire scheme, Veaceslav Platon, had coverage in state structures.

"This came from the banking system - Veaceslav Platon. People who know and know how to orient themselves in the banking system, because it is a very specific field and with financial engineers who can not be seen at first and with all branches to the Government, Parliament if you want, etc.", the source quoted.

Former Deputy Chief of the Service for Prevention and Combating Money Laundering within the NAC states that the company used for bribes in the Magnitski file also appears in the theft file of the Moldovan banking system.

"First of all, on Kelway Trading we started the criminal investigation as early as April 2012. It was used as a shell company in most of the transactions that were attributed to suspicious operations. And finally, it was confirmed that it was used both in Magnitzki, Laundromat and in the heat of the century. That is, they were so sure that they would realize these criminal schemes, which eventually proved to have international status, that they did not even complicate to change them", said Mihail Gofman.


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