Global Warming worries Moldova's farmers

Farmer's from Moldova are suffering the most from the global warming. Specialists belie that farmers will encounter more and more drought, while the field will dry out bit by bit.

Nicanor Cosovoi, owner of nearly 2 thousand hectares of agriculture plains, claims that for the past decade his harvest becomes more affected by the weather. 

"If we used to have drought once in ten years, now it's an yearly event" the farmer said.

According to him the worst off is the corn: "They dry out fast if it doesn't rain and there is no humidity".

Specialists warn farmers that as the climate condition will worsen so will their spending in agriculture.

"Traditional agriculture will be nearly impossible to practice. The planning will become too difficult, the equipment and field maintaining more expensive" economic expert, Roman Chirică, declared.

Yet the slow rise in temperature bring benefits in other areas:

"There are some plants that love warm temperatures, such as: peaches, apricots, grapes etc. A good example would be the bigger quality of grapes at the end of August-September, in it's turn meaning a rise in wine making" chairman of Agriculture and Geography Institution, Maria Nedealcov, claimed.

Climate changes affect both the trees and the bushes. For example, in the Capital lilac flowers bloomed nearly ten months ahead of time. Specialists believe that this phenomena is caused by the unpredictable weather we had this spring and the heavy snow from April. The most recent droughts that caused damage in the economy of Moldova were registered back in 2011 and 2007.

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