Global Day of Jewish Learning gathered over 200 Jews from all over Moldova in Chisinau

Over 200 representatives from Jewish communities from Chişinău, Tiraspol and Bălţi have come together in the Capital to celebrate the Global Day of Jewish Learning. For the event were organized multiple workshops, where each found something to do. Some were attracted to speak of beauty and ugliness.

"For me beauty means a peaceful life that each of us should aim to have."

"It was an interesting topic, from where I have learned that beauty can be understood in another way."

The teachings from the Jewish bible were explained by Daniel Muntean.

"The Jewish science refers not only to its people, but the whole world. Everything that happens, in one way or another, took place with Jews" Daniel Muntean said.

The handmade jewelry classes has attracted many participants.

"It is a gift for my mother, she loves red roses."

"It is interesting for both children and adults. Everyone want to do something they have never done before" designer Anna Paniko declared.

Other got interested in pottery.

"Here you are trained in a creative activity, therefore you feel like a divinity. You do what you please and this thing will be forever remembered" writer  Arina Sato said.

"There are no secrets. Like any other activity, it requires a wish to create. At the same time, you must like what you are doing" potter Ivan Prividiu stated.

The event was organized by the Republican Volunteering Center, "KEDEM" Cultural Center and the American Jewish Committee "Joint". The Global Day of Jewish Learning was celebrated by 500 Jewish communities from over 40 countries.

"It is the 7th time this even is hosted and the one from this year is dedicated to Adin Steinsaltz. It is meant to bring together all Jews from Moldova" director of the Republican Volunteering Center, Nicolai Railean said.

Jewish communities from Moldova have around 15 thousand members.

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