Girl caught grave accident with zip line in Chisinau amusement park

A girl unluckily caught an accident in amusement park with zip line in Chisinau, capital of Moldova.

The girl was known to fall down from the height of 4 meters. 

Victim's relatives blame on instructors not explaining the security rules.

However, the administration declare the girl caught mistake wearing security belt. 

The incident happened two weeks ago. The girl went to the park with her brother and aunt. 

"If the instructors had been near us and everything had been installed properly, everything would have been fine. They left us and kept talking on phone," said the girl's brother, Iulian Branza.

The girl has been subjected to a spine surgery today.

"We spent 17 thousand lei. The representatives of the park did not give us help, they apologized, they said they were sorry and that was all over, "said the mother of the girl, Larisa Cheese.

The Amusement Park Administrator claims, however, did pay a portion of her treatment costs.

"I tried to help them and her mother refused the amount I proposed. It was clearly seen that the lady decoupled both the carbines she had for the route , "said the park manager, Constantin Spinei.

The case is being investigated by the Capital Police. The amusement park was opened in June, being the first one in Moldova.


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