Ghimpu attacks his former party colleague, Valeriu Munteanu: Even the most venomous snake does not have so much venom

The accusations and insults of liberals to former party colleague Valeriu Munteanu continues.

This time, the former Liberal Party chairman, Mihai Ghimpu, said that Munteanu is more dangerous than a venomous snake.

The comparison comes after the former deputy chairman of the party went to several televisions after leaving the PL, and criticized the way things are going on in the Liberal Party. 

"Even the most venomous serpent does not have as much venom as it comes out of Valerica the little one!" At the same time, the honorary president of the PL explained why Valeriu Munteanu was not elected president of the party and Dorin Chirtoaca was at the head of the party", wrote Mihai Ghimpu on a Facebook post.

According to Ghimpu, at the Republican Council of the PL, Munteanu voted for no more than four people. Ghimpu also mentioned that Valeriu Munteanu worked hard in the party, but he was not a team man, so he could not enjoy more support from his colleagues.

The attacks by Mihai Ghimpu and other liberals come after Valeriu Munteanu announced that he is leaving PL on the grounds that the party's new leadership does not want to co-opt with PAS and PPDA binomies to take part in the parliamentary elections in February 24 next year, but also due to other decisions made in the formation.

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